Extra Large Storage Capacity

Drawer heights are set perfectly to accommodate all your storage needs.

Buffering Drawer

A damper buffer starts functioning when the drawer is 60mm from being fully closed, slowing down the bumping impact to quietly close the drawer.

Soft Close Damper

A damper effectively reduces the slamming noises while closing the door.
Drawer Storage Space

Various types of drawers help maximize storage space to flexibly and conveniently accommodate items of different sizes.

Compact trays neatly separate and organize small items. Some cabinets even feature a two-tier oganizer.

Adjustable drawer dividers improve storage efficiency for flexible organization.

Lower Cabinet

The simple and sturdy stainless steel base can be removed for easy clean-up when necessary.

A newly designed base cabinet replaces the conventional model to maximize space utilization, allowing access in a comfortable posture.

Movable Cart

Movable cart in different design accommodates cooking needs and provides convenience.